-Recoil Spring: utilizing spring strength?

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Main spring (Recoil Spring) for the 1911 Government (.45 ACP) *

The standard weight of the main spring for the Government is 16 lbs .. It was designed for a general and reliable operation of the weapon.

The weapon had to work under all conditions and also with the ammunition of different manufacturers. Here also a weak holding the gun (the one-handed shooting), temperature and climate variability was taken into account.

16 lbs. is for shooters often too weak and the frame of the gun loaded pretty strong! Therefore, it is like looking for a adjusted to the ammunition spring.


What nib should you use?

The most asked and perhaps the hardest question to answer!

There are many factors that affect this question: the ammunition used (bullet weight, bullet shape), the gun used, the shot discipline and of course our own feeling.

    Basically, the hardest springs with the weapon under
    the conditions necessary to function properly,
    is the best!

A good indicator for determining the correct spring: it determines the distance from the gun to the area where the sleeve first hits the ground (will not be)! Here, an observer should determine the impact of more than one series. Important is a uniform attack, as the discipline is shot.

    The ideal distance should be between one
    and two meters (3 ft between 6.5 ft)!



If the distance is greater than 2 meters, a stronger spring is debug. In less than a meter a weaker spring should be used!

Due to differences in the shape of the ejector, the ejection window and other factors can be determined with this method is not always 100% correct result. In any case, the differences between different strength springs and different ammunition can be seen. Also you can see here also worn out or broken springs!


Life of the spring

Over the life (number of shots) of a shutter spring, there are many details. So originally shot 1000-1500 were noted, but with today's materials more shots are possible in any case. The uppermost limit should take about 5000 shots!


Measure the recoil spring

With our new measuring device, you can determine the actual recoil spring value. They recognize wear and thus can significantly improve the function of your 1911s:   --> recoil spring gauge NEW!

Recoil Buffer (recoil buffer)

Recoil Buffer (Shok buffs), such as those offered by 1911-TOOLS.COM, Ed Brown and Wilson should dampen the hard knocks, which act in completely swamped spring to the frame.
For this purpose, the tailor-buffers are pushed onto the spring guide rod. It decreases ev. The way the slide backwards running to the thickness of the buffer (2mm or 1/10 ").
It is possible that changes through the use of a buffer, the ejection behavior (throwing direction / area) of the sleeve!
A 100% protection of the frame when using a weak spring does not offer this buffer. It is definitely better to use together with the buffer, the correct spring!

Hammer spring (Mainspring)

A reduced hammer spring (eg 19, 17 or 16 instead of 23 lbs.) Reduces the pressure of the jack hammer on the sear and changes (reduced) by the trigger weight.
At the same time, the resistance is reduced, which carries the hammer at the running back of the carriage. By installing such a spring can ev. change the behavior of the ejector sleeve!


Our tip ...

... before you order now equal a strong spring, check whether the existing spring but is not worn out and you just another factory spring need!



1911 Government

     .45 ACP = 16 lbs.

     .38 Super and 9 Para = 14 lbs.

     .40 S & W = 19 lbs.

1911 Officer Standard

     .45 ACP = 22 lbs.

1911 Commander Standard

     .45 ACP = 18 lbs.


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