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Welcome to Colt1911.de *

We specialize in bringing you parts for your Colt1911er
and to raise their clones.

We also carry FIRST DOT gun care products and snap caps.


Check out our shop around and find the matching
Products for your needs.

We appreciate your order.


Your team of Colt1911.de from Heitersheim/Germany



* Colt1911.de and Colt1911.eu are the shop portal of DOT177Shop!


FAQ - frequently asked questions:


How can I contact Colt1911.de?

Click here for our contact form:  



How can I order from Colt1911.de?

this web page:

Insert the desired products into your cart and then go on to Cart CHECKOUT.

Now you can send Login and order.

You will receive an email after placing the order with the information on your purchase.


per post or fax:

By mail or fax, you can order using this order:


                                 Bestellung_Formular_Web_Seite_0223_KLEIN     ...and download the PDF file to print!


and by mail: DOT177Shop, Goethestr. 23, D-79423 Heitersheim


by email:


at:    info@colt1911.de

Send us the list of desired items and we will send your purchase settlement to someone!
(since we manually answers can this be someone sent only during our office hours!)



via phone: *

*We do not record any calls (according to DSGVO) and therefore can not offer a telephone service!



as I can when DOT177Shop pay my order?

  Within Germany, you can pay with:



- IBAN BIC (bank transfer to our German bank account)

- PayPal

- Credit Card (via PayPal)


our bank details in D:

SEPA: Wolfgang Jehle, Commerzbank Freiburg, IBAN: DE37 6804 0007 0144 8877 00          
   more information about PayPal: PayPal

  Customers from Switzerland *:

- SEPA: Wolfgang Jehle, Commerzbank Freiburg, IBAN: DE37 6804 0007 0144 8877 00          BIC: COBADEFF680 

- paypal

- Credit Card (via PayPal)




  Within the EU countries:

- Payment SEPA transfer (IBAN + BIC to our German bank account)

- paypal

- Credit Card (via PayPal)

our International Bank Account:

Wolfgang Jehle, Commerzbank Freiburg, IBAN: DE37 6804 0007 0144 8877 00 BIC: COBADEFF680


You will receive an email with the relevant information on your purchase and payment after purchase.

PayPal payment you will be redirected to the website of PayPal.

Here, the purchase information is already summarized!