Loading data book: for managing your personal data loading - 4.0

Loading data book: for managing your personal data loading - 4.0

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The load data book 4.0 for managing your personal data charge!

Security is the top priority when reloading, even small deviations can have fatal consequences!

The load data book offers you the possibility to charge fully and clearly provided for detecting and with the necessary comments.

Next you could add your review of the charge, the hit pattern and your loaded series!

Lets you take your full charge data on a page clearly and concisely and can concentrate on charging.

Use several books: separate your charges, for example on the caliber, gun, powder type, level, etc. Application and use each his own book.! On the title page and table of contents to the book simply labeled accordingly!

Execution of the load Data Book: format A5 landscape with 32 pages, 1 page Table of Contents and 29 p for your cargos, all pages from extra thick paper and a paperback Binding of thick 300 g / m² cardboard, high-quality offset printing persistent in color!

Language: German

Format: 21x15 cm approx


Exclusively in German language!

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