Lock fluid for screws "medium strength"

Lock fluid for screws "medium strength"

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Lock fluid for screws "medium strength"

FIRST-DOT screw securing lacquer in a practical bottle with brush!

The screw-locking compound is the best solution for everyone affected by shock and vibration screw.

Simple and efficient, he applied reliably prevents unintended loosening of screws and nuts.

Loosen all metallic Verschraubungen- tolerated residues of oils prevents the Gewinden- by vibration or Stöße- with normal tools demountable -: Good for

Specifications: - strength medium pressure (normal) - to thread size M34- temperature range: -50 ° C to + 140 ° C Breakaway with M10 bolts: 26 Nm

Application: Thread thin wetted with a brush and reinstall the screw

Content: 5 ml

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