DICE-WOLF the very NEW, exciting puzzle game for all dice friends!

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DICE-WOLF the very NEW, exciting puzzle game for all dice friends!

-> In contrast to the classic puzzle game, Würfelwolf has many more individual tasks to offer in each game: there are a total of 36 tasks, on the other hand there are just 13 tasks in Kniffel, for example!

-> a game round then of course lasts longer ... ... and yet the individual final results of the players are closer together, that is due to the optimized allocation of points: o)

-> each player plays his houses in a different order: during the game it is not really obvious who is currently in the lead: o)

-> MINUS points can also be collected at Würfelwolf (up to 42 penalty points): o (
... these penalty points are more likely to be scored in the third third of the game, so the game remains extremely exciting until the end: o)


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1 piece dice wolf game block in large A5 format (148x210mm) per 50 game pages + instructions




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